Here are a few that offer what I think profit over the next 3-6 mo.s

NOVA-COPPER (TMQ / Trilogy Metals). Double shot in my opinion, in copper and zinc. The road to the Upper Kobuk copper deposit has been a development project pre-2016, and the decision, approved.

This may account for the volatile moves for the last 5 yrs. You can see from the home ebsite:, that Trilogy contains deposits containing mineral amounts seldom seen in good jurisdictions like Alaska.

I think longer holdings will be profitable, but given the shortage mentality and scare in place, capital gains may be shorter term than anyone expects.

It will be 210 miles of gravel road thru unprocessed land from Wiseman on

the Dalton Hiway to the Ambler River at Ambler. What it will be worth to future generations will be unknown for quite a while but not less than access now.

Seems to me that programmed buying under the recent US$ 3.00 highhs has the potential for a double, over 12-24 months in a copper shortage.

Questions ? I’d love to chat.


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