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       Since I deal in Technical Analysis, trying to divine things about stock, the subject of where a stock is going is often raised.  It is a question to which I always answer: “I don’t know.”, and which I follow on with: “There are a number of ways that you can form a Scientific Wild Guestimate, which often works out, and is accepted among most stock market technicians.”  Let me illustrate one here:

        This BALANCE scheme is based on the equality of a SINE wave above and below Zero, at times called ZERO BALANCE.

        Does it work?  Yes, and No, so its a good method for trying to approximate how far some stock might run.   A weak stock will punk out and a strong stock will overrun it, which is why I use B.U.T. And A.C.M.E., to try and gauge when to get out.  Want to apply it to a stock or do more? Drop me a note, make it happen!

 Information contained herein is for educational and informational purposes only.  Investors are       responsible to execute their own due diligence investigations to protect their capital.  Publisher or associates may have positions in these stocks as well.                                          Copyright Denaliguide, DGS Publications, 2018-2019



Today reminds you of the Road Runner and Wile-e Coyote as he gets the 500 lb A.C.M.E weight dropped on him from above by the Road Runner.

        So why and how does A.C.M.E. Work ?


 is designed to keep stocks in  your hands that work good.  It is designed to keep the market makers from stealing your stock via INTRA-Day market fluctuations.

Once you know that market makers can take any stock anywhere they want during the session and bring it back to where they want it for the close, you see how they play their mischief.

        So you like PVG under $11 and get a good trade, into it at 10.80, and wait a day or two before setting a stop.  Then it surges to 11.50, and you set a stop at 10.80 just for safety sake.  Feeling good, you don’t panic when it closes below 11.00, but watch as the market makers take it down the next day, under 10.80, down to 10.57, showing, that your lost now.   Of course to further demoralize you, they run it back to close at 11.40, within 16 cents of its previous hi.

        I don’t blame you for your bewilderment and perhaps anger !  I’ve seen this too many times to be surprised.  Your 10.80 stop was in the right place but at the WRONG time.  Specifying AFTER CLOSE and keeping it MENTAL, not entered, is the key.  So designating your EXIT as AFTER CLOSE, keeps the sharks from biting your legs off, cutting you off at the knees, and stealing your stock, which by now has run up to almost 13.00 and you with NO stock, NO PVG !!

        With A.C.M.E., in place, you must watch your stock, to execute A.C.M.E., the next day, if necessary.  This is a necessary tactic, to stop theft by market makers.  You end up with the good buys and appreciation from the good buy.   Information contained herein is for educational and informational purposes only.  Investors are responsible to execute their own due diligence investigations to protect their capital.  Publisher or associates may have positions in these stocks as well.                                                

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Crunch Time


Aug 7, 2019

        This is the BEST Trade set-up I have ever seen (since 1970).  That’s a long time.   EXTREMELY COMPELLING because this could turn into the most BULLISH formation I have EVER SEEN.. Having been a Gold Bug for years, I’ve seen a few Bullish formations but nothing like this. 

        Here is the WHY of doing this, for me:  Certainly anger and revenge at being bamboozled, but I KNOW the more who are aboard, the better chance of full realization of the full potential of the Precious Metals Long Term Targets (Targets shown in DGS Letters).

WHEN  the GDX or HUI JUMPS the 31-32 gap, there will be an amazing show of strength given the  Government corruption of the Monetary System.   Whether it JUMPS the GAP or merely wades thru it are not as important as WHEN  it breaks above the GDX 32 / HUI 300, which has not been seen since July 2013.    

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FLAT LINE AFTER A HEART ATTACK, but what awaits come the Holidays?GDX+CANNABIS+AutoResist


so the GREEN is a Cannabis Index, which shows once investors got over their reluctance, they embraced the reality that Cannabis was and still is a coming trend.

For this reason, I’d take a Scientific Wild Assinine Guess (S.W.A.G) that a minimum of 2-4 times the CANNIBIS related stocks, in the short run, are going to have speculative success, as compared to the Metal Miners and Developers.  BUT be prepared for that to switch places.   I am still long a lot of Cannibis related stocks, and also Miner related stocks.

Canadian Legalization looms July 1, and the cyclical rallies in the Precious Metals and Miners sectors, coming “about” six (6) months apart, generally Jan and Jul.   Now, simply, the basic meme is “BUY The RUMOR”, and “SELL The NEWS” ( the obvious announcement concerning the Rumor).   So with the Cannabis industry expanding like a bucket of water spilled on a tile floor, there is a time to beware of The DRAIN, where some of the companies disappear.  Not all bad though, many will be absorbed by the bigger plays, that were investments for the “early adaptors”, and now provide buyouts for the smaller players.

Lets go back to the really horrible or really great or just indifferent chart of the GDX.

GDX has been locked in a range of a high of 25.5 and a low of 20.67 for eighteen (18+) plus months.  Highly unusual ?  Yes I will go with that unusual label.  For now.

Now for those who witnessed the 2011-2012 debacle where the US Govt got spooked because they lost their AAA rating, moved down to AA, and the Govt. then took steps advocated by Paul Volker, former Fed Chair, who said the mistake of the 80s, was not to control the price of Gold.  So the Exchange Stabilization Fund, visible hand, probably using J.P.Morgan bank as their agent, began to degrade the price of gold on the paper markets.  So in April, the degrading attempts got more and more intense, and in the week ending April 12th, 2013, a quantity of paper gold contracts approximately equivalent to TWO years of a major miner, were dumped more or less at one time, resulting in a horrendous break in the paper contract gold price.  It was good for the ESF in the short run, but maybe not in the long run.  Such hasty action resulted in a GAP which still exists today,  creating a potential Island Bottom, from April 12 to now, betwn GDX 31.44 and GDX 32.54, not an inconsequential or fractional gap.   While 25.50, the current top end of the GDX trading range for the last eighteen months, is far from 31.44 GDX, that is where the 2017 rally ran up to, but did not cross.   This gap, to me, along with others in there, I know as the “STRAITS of HELL”.  If arriving there, the GDX jumps the gap, it will have completed an Island Bottom of FIVE (5) years.  Try to comprehend what that would say.  For example, a structural analysis (blueprint) style, projects an upside potential to 33 GDX as the target of the next move.  Longer term, it is double that.  Possible ?  Sure.  Probable?  I don’t know, but with a gap, an eighteen (18) month flat line, a rally from 12 GDX to 31 GDX in eight (8) months, it is difficult to come up with any probability except the price of Gold is manipulated with paper contracts until is its no longer done.  Think of the turkeys at Thanksgiving.  Everything is OK until that morning.  So this will keep up until it can’t.  Then I think the probability of the GDX jumping the “STRAITS of HELL” like a crown fire in the tall pines, is very real, at which time, GDX will be “on-fire”, or en fuego as Krazy Cramer likes to say.  So much for that, now you know.

Let talk about CANNABIS Stocks now:exampleCANN



Pretty much illustrates the point that not all   Cannabis stocks go straight up,  but the trend is good for now.  Subscribe and get our latest picks.






Wed Cannabis and Metal Explorer Update

 Well its after market close on Wed, and I ended up with 9 Cannabis related stocks, 8 Canadian and one US OTC.  Of those 3 are recommendations(Canadians), with potential for you to act upon them now if that is your style.  Far and away XYZ.Zo, is leading the Cannaibs Reco’s, by a large margin.  In the Mining Sector,
ABC.Go (geologically searching for the “7 Talents of Gold) leads FAT.Cat with its Lithum deposit in Slow River, Manitoba) by a 4 to 1 performance to date margin.
In ABC’s case you are on the geologic trail of  Historic Gold Cities in Latin American’d Cordillas  , while with MNO.Lz Mining you are beginning to exploit a serious Energy deposit in a stable and friendly jurisdiction..  Given your appetite for risk, there is a choice.  Rewards in either case could be substantial, as much as a triple in the case of XYZ.Zo and close to a potential double, in the case of ABC.Go both in the span of say, one year.  True names were changed to protect the innocent, but for the full report, drop
drop me an email.

Good Luck, DG


Information contained herein is for educational and informational purposes only. Investors are responsible to execute their own due diligence investigations to protect their capital. Publisher or associates may have positions in these stocks as well. CopyRight Denaliguide, DGS Publications, 2017-2018

Golden Triangle Update

Considering the sheer numbers of Explorers, developers and miners staking and drilling in the Golden Triangle of BC, its not surprising we have not heard more, as the drilling is just getting underway.   No doubt the leader in progress and grade is PVG who just had a nice Range-Breaker move.  Sustain this move and it will be a great signal.  This is a signal

EXAMPLE.pvgthat is higher than any in the preceding 8 weeks, so if it can close up strong 3 days in a row, we will consider calling it the beginning of a TREND.

Known best for its Nickle Mtn Discovery, Garibaldi Resources and its cousin, Metallis are starting their drill campaigns to identify and outline their reserves.  These guys are the Whales amongst the explorers in the Golden Triangle.  No news yet, too early as winter in the mountains has just subsided enough to get the drill rigs moving to their sites.

So from whales to minnows, you have a serious staking rush, option activity with companies the size of Tudor Gold, or Braxton Metals sticking their toes in the water, swimming with the whales, and jumping on any announcement or development in the area.   Other players like Colorado Resources have some serious stakes in this area.

Even the biggies in here have seen the Exploration Euphoria take their stocks up, and then when the adrenaline drained away, watched their stocks drop by 2/3’s and CXO is in that crew.

Bottom line here is Eric Spout and his entourage have put a lot of money in both GGI and MTS, and helped GGI raise $10,000,000 for its exploiting its development of this discovery, and NTS to a smaller extent.   Not that smaller companies can’t cut it here, not at all.  GGI was a minnow before Nickle Mtn.  This is the mining business where most of the time, more money is put into the ground than is taken out of it, in so many cases.  And the other caveat is that the opposite happens enough to keep the investment capital flowing to them.

Side note is that the rumor is that there is a lot of physical gold accumulation going on, rather than the constant paper shuffling of contracts, KRIMEX Style by the Boyz, and if this were true, given typical skullduggery, I’d suspect the funds were partially coming out of the stocks in this sector, which would account for the languishing of all but the most senior of the gold miners, typically listed in the $XAU Index.

Junior Cannabis Co’s action

Depending on your view, looks like the Canadian Cannabis Junior support and related stock are getting a little frisky.  Maybe a Rinse & Repeat Cycle has come around.  Here are a few”:

EXAMPLE ACB.ToAurora is pretty big, yet showing a similar pattern to others here.


Here is another not a direct supplier but ready to start.  Same pattern.


Again, direct relation to the industry but not in supply.


Again, another business related to Cannabis.

So what is the takeaway here?

Mine?  Investors feel safer even in start up cannabis operations than the general or DJI markets.

Drop me a note and get a sample of this weeks Letter, with a number of reasons WHY.







  • The guys who did this first did it better but here is an idea.   Six (6) years of what I take to be suppression, have failed to do anything but dent the Gold price.  It was bent but not busted.  We like it.  Frustrating as it is like watching paint dry, it is the only game in town, but so the casino seems to be running short of maneuver room.   Right now about 2 dozen Juniors and Micros look quite appealing, so please sign up so we can share them with you.  Limited time HALF price Offer. SIGN UP Link

    Sine Wave is flattened but has a long ways to go

    Selections are available separately, in Special Reports, the details will be posted this week on Pages 2, 3 & 4 for your selection.  Crazy as these markets are, a Long Term Chart like this can clear up a lot.  Later will post other charts as well.  Best.  DG

Will common sense prevail?


pexels-photo-534216.jpegTonight as I read of the impending Israel-Iran war, it feels like the McCain faction had their way. Neither side can do any virtue claiming, as there is plenty of blame to be dished out. The continuing rally in the Energy Sector leads me to think that this will bail-out Saudi’s continuing need for $88/barrel to balance their budget with their aspirations. If we go further down this road of destruction, it is fraught with instability as unintended consequences will spread out like a flock of Black Swans (unintended consequences) scouting for prime places to land.

So added all together from Greece to Pakistan, from Turkey to Ethiopia, another twenty years of conflict seem ready to be served up by those who don’t suffer nuclear attacks on their sovereign countries. If the current country leadership(s) keep their heads perhaps a series of proxy wars will be what continues.

What it means for you is this:  keep yourself some dry powder, some money that is not digital, and your field awareness tuned to the highest sustainable level, with the necessary agility to dodge whatever y comes your way.

The US market has some time left, and the Canadian markets joined at the hip with the Americans, will follow along. While the precious metals markets are locked in a predetermined trading range, the energy sector is not.

Common sense says you participate in each sector, for different reasons. Various research approaches will be featured here, from regular subscriptions to The Golden Mean, and Peak Picks, to shorter term items like individual one time, on-demand reports such as My-Stock’s-Score©,(Short and Intermediate term Technical Analysis), where I appraise, assess and structural analysis of your stock. With these reports and technical market position reports, you can get a feel for our work before you try any subscription. Each Report is $25 US. Combination rates are available for quarterly subscriptions. Details of quarterly subscription content will be posted here, as we move forward.

Good Luck.