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    Sine Wave is flattened but has a long ways to go

    Selections are available separately, in Special Reports, the details will be posted this week on Pages 2, 3 & 4 for your selection.  Crazy as these markets are, a Long Term Chart like this can clear up a lot.  Later will post other charts as well.  Best.  DG

Will common sense prevail?


pexels-photo-534216.jpegTonight as I read of the impending Israel-Iran war, it feels like the McCain faction had their way. Neither side can do any virtue claiming, as there is plenty of blame to be dished out. The continuing rally in the Energy Sector leads me to think that this will bail-out Saudi’s continuing need for $88/barrel to balance their budget with their aspirations. If we go further down this road of destruction, it is fraught with instability as unintended consequences will spread out like a flock of Black Swans (unintended consequences) scouting for prime places to land.

So added all together from Greece to Pakistan, from Turkey to Ethiopia, another twenty years of conflict seem ready to be served up by those who don’t suffer nuclear attacks on their sovereign countries. If the current country leadership(s) keep their heads perhaps a series of proxy wars will be what continues.

What it means for you is this:  keep yourself some dry powder, some money that is not digital, and your field awareness tuned to the highest sustainable level, with the necessary agility to dodge whatever y comes your way.

The US market has some time left, and the Canadian markets joined at the hip with the Americans, will follow along. While the precious metals markets are locked in a predetermined trading range, the energy sector is not.

Common sense says you participate in each sector, for different reasons. Various research approaches will be featured here, from regular subscriptions to The Golden Mean, and Peak Picks, to shorter term items like individual one time, on-demand reports such as My-Stock’s-Score©,(Short and Intermediate term Technical Analysis), where I appraise, assess and structural analysis of your stock. With these reports and technical market position reports, you can get a feel for our work before you try any subscription. Each Report is $25 US. Combination rates are available for quarterly subscriptions. Details of quarterly subscription content will be posted here, as we move forward.

Good Luck.