What you dont want to beleive cz its 2 SCARY

Doug MacGregor hits the NERVE no one wants to talk about: There is a Natural Alliance relationship btwn RUSSIA and GERMANY which so many in the WEST are petrfied about taking place, and killing millions of lives to prevent (Think Atlanticsts and Hate Russia by Madeleine ALBRIGHT. Reading Machavealli’s treatise on power, you see the rule is to not let a powerful competitor like RUSSIA on the border of Europe, regardless of the equity.

Recruiting for Western Armed forces, is a joke, like Macnamara’s Morons, now replaced by the the WOKE NERDS.

The governance of most countriesnow have become anti-human and are Cosmopolitan Elites only loyalty is to each other. That is why the Cosmopolatan Elites hate TRUMP an other Populists like Georia Meloni, because they appeal the Vox Populi that know they are being trampled by the Elites.

Siege Warfare of the WEST, until the Vox Populi recognize how screwed they are getting.

Do you think this will affect PM prices or is it that BASEL III ? While I am not sure I suspect KRIMEX and LME actvities on this new Option date will reflect changes.

OK fun is fun but this aint NO FUN

I must say I am TIRED of seeing the same old “Leaders” exitting their limos, or sitting around in their fatigue (olive drab) underwear pontificating about whom should surrender to whom. In fact I dont want to see Hunter Biden in his underwear either. His old man, Joe Biden may be senile but at least his handlers make sure he is dressed for the presser.

Give Georgia Meloni credit for kicking Macron’s butt over France’s exploitation of Child Labor and financial exploitation of the Central Franc Africa fiat currency to build up France’s Gold and Financial reserves. Remember ” NO MORE DIRT GOLD” ? Well whether it is out there or not. Well truth be told, because GOLD is a currency, i.e. you can literally MINT currency from dirt, if you can move enough of it. So lets cut the crap and cut to the chase. Just because the gold your company (stock in gold miners) is accretive, that is accrues to your profit, doesnt mean its exploitive, doesnt mean it is NOT, either. I blacklist companies for Dirty Gold and exploitive behaviour towards workers and stockholders, but they can change names like you and I change sox ( you do change sox, dont you?). The trick to sifting them out is tracking the management for previous suspects. For me, its a two step process. 1/ Check the jurisdiction; 2/ Check the mgmt and BOD members.

Rule of Thumb #1: If it is one of the BIGS, like Newmont or AEM in Jurisictions that Observe RULE OF LAW, esp if it has Unions, it generally is NOT guilty of producing DIRTY GOLD. #2 If the company functions in the above mentioned jurisdictions, and is not a BIG, without any Human Rights violations or blacklisted exectutives, it may be considered for consideration of a RECCO.. #3 Pretty much, if the companies function in the West, or Russia, they get consideration for an eval for a RECCO. #4 Any company that has no Human Rights or Human Relations, or Community Relations violations, may be considered on an individual basis, time consuming pain in the butt, but worth it to discover a good company. Whether the company pans out or not, they pass this hurdle.

Alaskan Placer Nugget

Places like Peru or Chile, or others in Latin America, are a case by case basis. Africa can be a mixed bag, and company by company, requiring due diligence for the safety of your capital.

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As crazy as poking a bear or tiger in a wooden cage with a sharpened stick.


Remember Godzilla’s evil smirk when she had hatching eggs ? That is the expression I imagine on the face of the War-Monger Neo-Cons as I read about their enthusiasm for modifing the B-61 nuclear weapon with a DIAL-A-A YIELD, so that we could use it on the battlefield. Gee if one side uses Nuclear Weaponry, would not the OTHER side feel OK using it too? CRAZY isnt it ?

or just as stupid as provoking a bear or tiger to defend their cubs ?

Say defending their cubs requires a geographic buffer of 300 yards safe space ardound them, or in the case of RUSSIA, 300 KM where no offensive weapons can be located.

In real life YOU KNOW the warnings are to stay away from a mother with cubs, or flee if you think your on their kill, i.e. Makrov and the Siberian Tiger that killed him. Does that apply to the WEST, deliberatly ignoring the Security Assurances and Guarantees THEY gave Russia 30 years ago at the Re-unification of GERMANY? The WEST has ignored for the last 30 years the Russians warning the WEST to cease moving Eastward with New NATO Members, the West staged Color Revolutions to subvert or attempt to create Regime Change, as they might have hoped.

So now $ USD 100 BILLION has been urinated off into the atmosphere to try to turn Ukraine into a Vassal State and NATO Member, so far with NO Sucess !

Now failing that, the overwhelming PR and press response TWISTS the Russian response to mean they are going to use Nuclear Weaponry if the start losing, WHEN the USA no less than Joe Biden threatened to Intiate the use of Battlefied Nukes to keep Ukraine and the West from losing to Russia on the battlefield. So accuse your enemy of doing what your REALLY doing. Alinsky Tactics, if you recognize them. So the WEST says they are WILLING to start a Nuclear war if RUSSIA doesnt give them what they want. CRAZY !! What might result from this CRAZY ? What would be left? Do they even care??

Accuse your adversary of YOUR SINS !!! So now that Mid-Terms approach, maybe there is hope, at electing NON-WAR MONGERS, we will have a temporary reprieve ? VOTE VOTE VOTE is all I can tell you. Don’t know if we can stop it, but we can try………..or not participate in anything like the FRENCH GENERAL STRIKE.

Is it the myth, or is it the math? crazy abounds IMO !

I think REALITY rules. I have seen a lot of flights of fancy, and a lot of fancy math, and yet The Opposition Forces generally manage to mount spoiling attacks when the PM numbers look attractive. Now quite like the legendary pirates of the markets, the market makers will take their stocks down to whatever level they are using to hunt stops to run, and then bring them back to close pretty much where they opened, The Opposition Forces are able to do about the same thing. So for either the GOLD MINERS or the GOLD METALS, it seems that the Myth or Math must bow to the REALITY of watching where reality takes the MINERS and METALS to their nadair LOWS, and either note it for future use or enter there. Certainly I have felt like I have been double teamed by a pair of NFL Tackles by using logic, rather than Reality Observation. For your info, if you like seeing likely reversal spots/lever points, watch ADX, and VORTEX. So, sadly for me, I do wish I’d have observed them better, as the market fell away from my acquisition points.. Depending on my expertise wth graphics here, I’ll show them. To assure you get the info, I will also link them. Good Luck.

Now according to Marc Chaiken who I see as an honest technician draws his Stop Loss point for Long Term Trades at 30%. So now, looking at the cyclic fluctuation, you can see that a 30% Stop Loss, reduced again by 30% gives you a value of 49 out of 100. Not coincidently in my book, we see NEM declining by half (49%) before it reverses. SIL demonstrates the same move, as does HBM. Is it all conincidence, my feelings ar no, so as we look at an entry price. Now admittedly this has been a contrived market, but you can see, in this manipulated market, THEY coulld drive it that far, and so YOU could buy it at those levels

Here is NEM https://schrts.co/UDUcIjBi

Here is SLV https://schrts.co/VQRRvHeJ

Here is HBM https://schrts.co/qxiDdgpy

None of this stuff is foolproof, more in the area of hints and clues for you to use, maybe.




The stars might lie but the numbers never do.

If you were old enough to be trading precious metals at the turn of 2000,

you may have been on KITCO. If you were on KITCO up to 2112, you would have witnessed a lot of days where the Gold price moved $U$ 100 or more in a

given day. Feb/24/2022 we came close, with U$ 90 in a day.

Here are some pricing numbers you may see again. CURRENT $ 1888

USING RAIF REGRESSION, the top here may beU$ 2050,a long shot.

USING 7% RANGE LIKE THE SPX, my likely top here would be U$ 2030.




U$ 1888


TOP $ 2050, 7%RANGE $ 2030, $ 2,000,




Here are a few that offer what I think profit over the next 3-6 mo.s

NOVA-COPPER (TMQ / Trilogy Metals). Double shot in my opinion, in copper and zinc. The road to the Upper Kobuk copper deposit has been a development project pre-2016, and the decision, approved.

This may account for the volatile moves for the last 5 yrs. You can see from the home ebsite: https://trilogymetals.com/, that Trilogy contains deposits containing mineral amounts seldom seen in good jurisdictions like Alaska.

I think longer holdings will be profitable, but given the shortage mentality and scare in place, capital gains may be shorter term than anyone expects. https://www.mining.com/ambler-district-access-road-approved-in-alaska/

It will be 210 miles of gravel road thru unprocessed land from Wiseman on

the Dalton Hiway to the Ambler River at Ambler. What it will be worth to future generations will be unknown for quite a while but not less than access now.

Seems to me that programmed buying under the recent US$ 3.00 highhs has the potential for a double, over 12-24 months in a copper shortage.

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Looking back

Over time, we lose track of “What happened….?”  Before that truck hit our precious metals investments.  As far back as the 1950s, Secretary of Agriculture, Ezra Benson told us he would crush our speculation in Silver.  Remember?  I do.  No change up to the turn of the century.  A dominating imperial empire.  This empire would keep its illicit fiat profits to itself  as long as it could suppress profits for anyone else and expand its profits from war.  Surprise, surprise, Greece, Rome and Britain.


  So now what is different?  We now can track cycles . !! Matters NOT if we do not exploit them. So when the GDX price popped from the low of $12.50 to the breakout of 13 (we waited for that !!).  GDX subsequently ran to $45 US, a triple, almost a QUAD !!  SELL @ 42-45..   Now that we have a reverse, that lets you buy in the 30’s .  Just some, not whole hog, that is for later.  You have to start with  small bits.  How far it may go or last, we can guess but do not know. But, we  do  know it is trending upwards.