We can go back to the Swiss National debacle as a starting point.

Remember all these banks were TOO BIG TO FAIL, that is Systematically Important in the Financial System.

Lets see. Silvergate ( crypto);

and Silicon Valley Bank ( crypto)

then Signature Bank,( losses in prevous banks).

then there is/was Credit Suisse, whom the Saudi’s refused to bail out it had to be bought by UBS and basically wiped out the Credit Suisse shareholders

Republic National Bank oh well up to their necks in SVB and Signature, and a systematically Important bank thus Too Big To fail, Bailed out by a group of banks. (taking Ben Franklin’s advice “we all hang together or we shall all hang separately). Eleven of the biggest banks, starting with JPM and Goldman posted funds to keep Republic afloat. Cozy heh?

Well those are TOO BIG TO FAIL. Now the REST OF THEM, on the FDIC’s “Problem Bank” List is up to 651 bank, with a potential of 180 some to fail. No bailouts, no govt assistance., 20 times as many “No-Account” banks could fail, as compared to the TOO BIG TO FAIL Banks could go down without any resistance from the FDIC or FED..

I don’t find it too shocking given the CARE given to the Systematically IMPORTANT (TBTF) by the Financial System Owners…Paying attention since 2007, you can see the trend. Debt, Inflation, Double dealing. All so out in the open now.

PROTECT YOURSELF.. Want to know WHO knows whom is on First Base? I’d pick Martin Armstrong #1, and Tom Hunter (no one outside Australia has ever heard of him) as #2 based on how long I know each. Protecting yourself is not hard if you are paying attention. Stay tuned for more fun stuff. ATB, DG


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