Well, about 2-3 PM EDST our Internet all but died. Are we getting monkeyed around with as some of the Powers that Be decide we should be corralled.?? I don’t know but you KNOW I never trust coincidences without due diligence investigation. There is a lot of other news, but I always note NET deficiencies.

I dont know what the latest distractions might be, but we can start with the LEAK. Good but Bad. How else would we know that NATO is going to pick a fight with CHINA ? Do we really know that? NO ! But we know they keep getting more and more twitchy or is that just the Globalists and WarMongers? Does it matter whom? Dont think so. A War is a War.! Well GOLD was dead, it got pushed down into the 1900’s but hey it would not say there. Same for Silver, it was crashed below 25, but could not stay there. Whom is the next Bank to be bailed in? Rumor has its Toronto Dominion, maybe. Might be because they own a piece of Charles Schwab, again I make no effort to predict.

THE LEAK. The scapegoat is a 21 y.o. Nat’l Guard guy. This LEAK is so far above his PayGrade, it is hard to imagine enuf security clearance for him to access these doc’s. Does it matter ? NO, I for one know that the current Biden Junta will do anything to become a War-Time President for his attempt to run for pres in 2024. Did I know they were lying bout everything. YES my spidy senses would never let me trust THEM. However you feel about it, trust your gut.

These guys are going to continue back and forth thru the news cycles. OK, we know who we think Blew the Nord Stream Pipes, so lets have some fun with stocks could make you some money.. How about this for real fun ? It was called to my attention by my friend Madtig 6 from Investor Village. Why bother with this one ? 1/ ONE we have two nice GAPS up to indicate for underlying strength. 2/ We have two bottoms, 3 weeks apart at $8.75 , making possible for the first gap at 4%, the 2nd and most recent 8%. For comparison Sibayne Stillwater is statically in the same class, and has jumped the same way. Since Sibayne is acting the same, this looks like a sector play as this predicts a sector consoldation, the take overs will come later. Not too much later. Here are some of the Technical Triggers that Impala just hit and Sibayne similar.

Any BUY ME A COFFEE (from $1.00 to $5.00) will get you this latest copy of the DGS Letter and next Month’s DGS Letter and recommendations, so if you like my work BUY ME A COFFEE so we can work together.

New CCI Buy Signals
Gap Ups
Moved Above Upper Keltner Channel
Moved Above Upper Bollinger Band
Stocks in a New Uptrend (Aroon)
P&F High Pole
Moved Above Upper Price Channel
Runaway Gap Ups
Entered Ichimoku Cloud

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