Now feels to me like things are changing. SCARE HEADLINES abound, but now I think I feel Urgency, and Alarm where I only felt cautionary stories, so I will err on the concerned side to address some of the danger I can sense.


At least what every one is told, so they numb out their caution at eating over sugary items which we know are terrible for us except in small amounts. So we keep this in mind. What don’t we have in mind right now.

Well lets start with Nord Stream. Can you imagine being a NORSTROM executive and cringing each time they say NORD STREAM. For sure it’s cringeworthy.. Lets move on to something cringeworthy as well, The worlds largest BANANA REPUBLIC attempt to neutralize the Administration’s biggest threat. D.TRUMP.. ‘Nuff said about that.

Put your debit card in the gas pump, and even tho you got enuf cash it says “Mileage Limit Exceeded! Sorry !” Never happen you say ? Wrong. Entirely possible, maybe likely if the CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCY mask us CASHLESS. Congress wont even get to vote on it, simple the Currency CZAR can determine where you spend anything from your digital currency account if we accept CBDC. We can reject it with public pressure.. Well maybe OPEC’s and Russian output reduction of crude will make crude too expensive to allow you to travel. Maybe Aunt Bee (YELLEN) will tell you that TOO -BIG-TO-FAIL banks are safer than the local and Regional Banks they are NOT going to bail out, to send you screaming FOR CBDC, herding you into cashless Digital Currency.. Definitely NOT KOSHER !!

I got more, but dead is dead and that would be overkill. I doubt you will let yourself or family become Road Kill from this kind of governance behaviours, so I wont bore you with any more of this. The Anger and Angst are out there when major news outlets tell the Office of the President EXPLETIVE DELETED You Mr President”(BIDEN).

So what is left open to you? 1. Stock up some cash. 2. Raise Hades with anyone elected or otherwise to SINK CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCY. 3. Do not let Congress give your pension away to fund Military Aid to ANY foreign county for any reason. So far the USA has directly given away $113 BILLION to fund foreign entities, this year. France is funding their foreign giveaways with its people’s pensions, don’t let it be yours. 4. Get some bullet-proof materials like gold and silver coins that have no counter-party risk. If you never NEED them, its cheap insurance and possibly good investment.

Right now, there are few investments that qualify. If you want to check out the only ones I consider worthwhile, please drop me a note to denaliguide1servicecenter@GMAIL.COM, and I will send you the latest copy of my letter. Right now USA and CDN decimal silver coinage (pre1965), US GOLD & SILVER EAGLES, CANADIAN SILVER & GOLD MAPLES and AUSTRIAN PHILHARMONIC coins both Silver and Gold are my favored vehicles .

Any BUY ME A COFFEE (from $1.00 to $5.00) will get you this latest copy of the DGS Letter and next Month’s DGS Letter and recommendations, so if you like my work BUY ME A COFFEE so we can work together.

There are about a dozen news dissemenators and Stock Scanks on a daily basis so you need not, just sit back and enjoy YOUR coffee. With all the Best, Denaliguide


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