What you dont want to beleive cz its 2 SCARY

Doug MacGregor hits the NERVE no one wants to talk about: There is a Natural Alliance relationship btwn RUSSIA and GERMANY which so many in the WEST are petrfied about taking place, and killing millions of lives to prevent (Think Atlanticsts and Hate Russia by Madeleine ALBRIGHT. Reading Machavealli’s treatise on power, you see the rule is to not let a powerful competitor like RUSSIA on the border of Europe, regardless of the equity.

Recruiting for Western Armed forces, is a joke, like Macnamara’s Morons, now replaced by the the WOKE NERDS.

The governance of most countriesnow have become anti-human and are Cosmopolitan Elites only loyalty is to each other. That is why the Cosmopolatan Elites hate TRUMP an other Populists like Georia Meloni, because they appeal the Vox Populi that know they are being trampled by the Elites.

Siege Warfare of the WEST, until the Vox Populi recognize how screwed they are getting.

Do you think this will affect PM prices or is it that BASEL III ? While I am not sure I suspect KRIMEX and LME actvities on this new Option date will reflect changes.


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