OK fun is fun but this aint NO FUN

I must say I am TIRED of seeing the same old “Leaders” exitting their limos, or sitting around in their fatigue (olive drab) underwear pontificating about whom should surrender to whom. In fact I dont want to see Hunter Biden in his underwear either. His old man, Joe Biden may be senile but at least his handlers make sure he is dressed for the presser.

Give Georgia Meloni credit for kicking Macron’s butt over France’s exploitation of Child Labor and financial exploitation of the Central Franc Africa fiat currency to build up France’s Gold and Financial reserves. Remember ” NO MORE DIRT GOLD” ? Well whether it is out there or not. Well truth be told, because GOLD is a currency, i.e. you can literally MINT currency from dirt, if you can move enough of it. So lets cut the crap and cut to the chase. Just because the gold your company (stock in gold miners) is accretive, that is accrues to your profit, doesnt mean its exploitive, doesnt mean it is NOT, either. I blacklist companies for Dirty Gold and exploitive behaviour towards workers and stockholders, but they can change names like you and I change sox ( you do change sox, dont you?). The trick to sifting them out is tracking the management for previous suspects. For me, its a two step process. 1/ Check the jurisdiction; 2/ Check the mgmt and BOD members.

Rule of Thumb #1: If it is one of the BIGS, like Newmont or AEM in Jurisictions that Observe RULE OF LAW, esp if it has Unions, it generally is NOT guilty of producing DIRTY GOLD. #2 If the company functions in the above mentioned jurisdictions, and is not a BIG, without any Human Rights violations or blacklisted exectutives, it may be considered for consideration of a RECCO.. #3 Pretty much, if the companies function in the West, or Russia, they get consideration for an eval for a RECCO. #4 Any company that has no Human Rights or Human Relations, or Community Relations violations, may be considered on an individual basis, time consuming pain in the butt, but worth it to discover a good company. Whether the company pans out or not, they pass this hurdle.

Alaskan Placer Nugget

Places like Peru or Chile, or others in Latin America, are a case by case basis. Africa can be a mixed bag, and company by company, requiring due diligence for the safety of your capital.

Questions ? denaliguide1servicecenter.@Gmail.com All questions are important.


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