As crazy as poking a bear or tiger in a wooden cage with a sharpened stick.,nuclear%20weapon%20featuring%20a%20two-stage%20radiation%20implosion%20design.

Remember Godzilla’s evil smirk when she had hatching eggs ? That is the expression I imagine on the face of the War-Monger Neo-Cons as I read about their enthusiasm for modifing the B-61 nuclear weapon with a DIAL-A-A YIELD, so that we could use it on the battlefield. Gee if one side uses Nuclear Weaponry, would not the OTHER side feel OK using it too? CRAZY isnt it ?

or just as stupid as provoking a bear or tiger to defend their cubs ?

Say defending their cubs requires a geographic buffer of 300 yards safe space ardound them, or in the case of RUSSIA, 300 KM where no offensive weapons can be located.

In real life YOU KNOW the warnings are to stay away from a mother with cubs, or flee if you think your on their kill, i.e. Makrov and the Siberian Tiger that killed him. Does that apply to the WEST, deliberatly ignoring the Security Assurances and Guarantees THEY gave Russia 30 years ago at the Re-unification of GERMANY? The WEST has ignored for the last 30 years the Russians warning the WEST to cease moving Eastward with New NATO Members, the West staged Color Revolutions to subvert or attempt to create Regime Change, as they might have hoped.

So now $ USD 100 BILLION has been urinated off into the atmosphere to try to turn Ukraine into a Vassal State and NATO Member, so far with NO Sucess !

Now failing that, the overwhelming PR and press response TWISTS the Russian response to mean they are going to use Nuclear Weaponry if the start losing, WHEN the USA no less than Joe Biden threatened to Intiate the use of Battlefied Nukes to keep Ukraine and the West from losing to Russia on the battlefield. So accuse your enemy of doing what your REALLY doing. Alinsky Tactics, if you recognize them. So the WEST says they are WILLING to start a Nuclear war if RUSSIA doesnt give them what they want. CRAZY !! What might result from this CRAZY ? What would be left? Do they even care??

Accuse your adversary of YOUR SINS !!! So now that Mid-Terms approach, maybe there is hope, at electing NON-WAR MONGERS, we will have a temporary reprieve ? VOTE VOTE VOTE is all I can tell you. Don’t know if we can stop it, but we can try………..or not participate in anything like the FRENCH GENERAL STRIKE.

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