• The guys who did this first did it better but here is an idea.   Six (6) years of what I take to be suppression, have failed to do anything but dent the Gold price.  It was bent but not busted.  We like it.  Frustrating as it is like watching paint dry, it is the only game in town, but so the casino seems to be running short of maneuver room.   Right now about 2 dozen Juniors and Micros look quite appealing, so please sign up so we can share them with you.  Limited time HALF price Offer. SIGN UP Link
    Sine Wave is flattened but has a long ways to go

    Selections are available separately, in Special Reports, the details will be posted this week on Pages 2, 3 & 4 for your selection.  Crazy as these markets are, a Long Term Chart like this can clear up a lot.  Later will post other charts as well.  Best.  DG

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